Iboih Dive Centre – Pulau Weh

Iboih Pulau Weh

Welcome to Iboih Dive Centre (IDC), Iboih, Pulau Weh, Aceh owned and operated by Bukhari.

Bukhari was one of the pioneers of recreational scuba diving  in Pulau Weh, Sumatra a beautiful marine park which is internationally renowned for its world class dive sites.  Back in the 1980’s Bukhari, along with Mr Dodent (Rubiah Tirta Divers), explored and surveyed the local area to establish the dive sites that are still being used to this day.

IDC combines a wealth of dive experience with high quality diving equipment, cylinders and Bauer compressor.

Come and dive with Iboih Dive Centre as they open up the wonders of Weh discovering new dive sites and sharing the underwater delights of old favourites. 

Every Friday water activities are suspended across the whole of Pulau Weh until 2pm. This is a cultural tradition in order to give thanks and respect to the ocean for providing our communities with a source for livelihood.

Diving activities will be suspended until the burial is completed if there is death and funeral in Iboih.

Pulau Weh Sunset

Dive Pulau Weh