Diving in Pulau Weh

Pulau Weh diving is spectacular and world class.  The island is the most North-Western in Indonesia, and its waters are a meeting point of the Andaman Sea and Indian Ocean.  The diving can be challenging with deep waters and strong currents, however divers are rewarded with almost endless varieties of reef fish and diverse marine life. Typical water temperatures are between 27 to 29 degrees Celsius and visibility varies from 10mts to 30mts.

All year round diving is possible in Pulau Weh, as dive sites are still open during rainy season.  Dive operations are only closed briefly for Hari Raya Idul Fitri (Eid), Hari Raya Ad’ha (Haji), Celebration of the Sea (May) and half days for Independence day on the 17th Aug as well as Dec 26th in memory of the Tsunami victims.

Every Friday all water activities are suspended across the whole of Pulau Weh until 2pm. This is a cultural tradition in order to give thanks and respect to the ocean for providing our communities with a source for livelihood.

Common to all dive sites are lionfish, moray eels, nudibranchs, octopus, boxfish, trevally, unicorn and surgeon fish, groupers, trigger and parrot fish, wrasse, crustaceans, and various sea stars and sea cucumbers.  Large gorgonian sea fans cover the deep dive sites like carpet, beautiful hard corals and gently swaying soft corals grow in abundance in both the deep and shallow sites.  Water temperature is usually 28± degrees Celsius and visibility up to 30mts.

Many dive sites have resident reef sharks and turtles.  Manta, eagle and squadrons of devil rays make multi-seasonal appearances and mola-mola sunfish annually.  Crazy critters and macro such as frogfish, mimic octopus, seahorses, rhinopias scorpion fish and nudibranchs galore will satisfy photographers and voyeurs.

The current dive sites of Pulau Weh, Indonesia were discovered and surveyed by Bukhari, owner and operator of Iboih Dive Centre (IDC) the only Padi Dive Resort in Iboih Beach.  In the 1980’s he pioneered recreational scuba diving in Pulau Weh along with Mr Dodent (RTD).  These fantastic dive sites are still held in high regard by the international diving community.

Hyperbaric treatment can be received in Sabang, Medan and Lhokseumawe (mainland Sumatra), Malaysia and Singapore.


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