Arus Baleh (Difficult)

Widows Current or sometimes called Arus Paleh – Bastard Current.  A pinnacle breaking the surface between the islands of Rubiah and Seulako, with a deep channel to the south and a shallow channel to the north.  Hang on a reef hook and watch the fish battle the current as it flows through these channels or black tip reef sharks cruise through.  Descend into masses of fusiliers flashing by as hunting blue fin and giant trevallys rip through them, or schools of big nose unicorn fish chasing your bubbles for a tickle.  Both the eastern and western slopes are full of reef fish, moray eels and corals.  Blue ribbon eels and black juveniles are more easily found on the western slope.  In the deeper parts of this dive site giant sea fans cover the floor of the channel and beyond.  Flocks of devil rays are seasonal, reef sharks and giant grouper are more frequent sightings.  In the sheltered shallow water enormous porcupine and puffer fish rest away from the current with colourful anthias.

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