Batee Tokong (Difficult)

Occasionally impossible to see the reef through the fish, this dive site is densely populated!  Descend down the first wall and divers have already lost count of how many morays there are, and what a variety!  Dwarfed by giant gorgonian sea fans, drift along the deeper walls and around this impressive pinnacle surrounded by rich marine life.  Reef sharks are usually spotted hanging out close to the connecting dive site Shark Plateau.  In strong currents barracudas, bigeye trevally and reef sharks will come up from Shark Plateau.  Huge dogtooth tuna stalk the site solo, while packs of large blue fin & giant trevallys divide and conquer the reef fish.  Nudibranchs, octopus, anemones, lion fish, many varieties of sweet lips, including the giant, are resident.  Giant frogfish can be found on the deep walls, flocks of devil rays too many to count, and seasonal manta rays.

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