Pantee Peunateung (Difficult +)

This dive site offers schools of huge barracuda, tornadoes of bigeye trevally, napoleon wrasse and rare hammerhead shark sightings.  Vertical walls starting at 25mt descending to more than 40mt cut a half moon shape dive site which the current can rush around.  The walls are covered in sea fans and corals.  Swirling up from the depths and up these walls come literally hundreds and thousands of bigeye trevallys forming a tornado.  Creep into the centre of them and fly together.  Although not for the faint hearted, this dive site can really deliver.  Rest in the lee of a boulder and watch the barracudas make light work of the pumping currents, judge the strength of the current by the rise and fall of the clouds of trigger fish and fusiliers.  Rice-terrace like formations shape the shallower part of this dive with hard corals where milk fish, swimming morays, lionfish, nudibranchs, octopus and various reef fish are found in abundance.  Maybe drift into the ball of jacks while performing a safety stop.  Eagle rays and marble rays are also often sighted, along with Napoleon wrasses.

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