Seulako Cave (Medium – Difficult)

A series of overhangs, full of shining small glassfish, large batfish and sea fans topped by corals and reef fish.  Before arrival to these caves the slope from SeulakoIsland will treat you to oriental sweet lips, ribbon eels, porcelain crabs under the skirts of large anemones and much more.  Layers of anthias, red tooth trigger fish and surgeon fish will dash back to the shelter of the corals when blue fin and giant trevallys are hunting.  Reef sharks can be seen near the shallow channel before the caves when the current is stronger. Nudibranchs, octopus, leaf scorpion fish, lionfish and morays are all regulars here.  Waiting in the shallows is a light show of fusiliers flashing as they turn and run from their hunters.

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