The Canyon (Difficult)

Twin pinnacles rise from a seafloor covered in giant sea fans, forming a canyon between them.  Divers drift over rippling sea fans towards a swim through at the northern pinnacle.  Snow-like pale blue & yellow and white soft corals soften the edges of this stunning seascape.  The canyon has more than its fair share of reef fish, schooling banner fish, unicorn fish, gold saddle goat fish falling down the cliff like walls inside the pinnacles, barracudas, trevally, snappers, emperors, octopus and nudibranchs are usual finds.  Looking down the eastern slopes of the pinnacles divers may see devil eagle or manta rays flying up from the deep.  The west faces are sheer and form an amphitheatre where often turtles and large napoleon wrasse can be sighted.  This channel leads the dive back to the shoreline where the boulders are topped by stunning table & other hard corals.  Schools of tangs and surgeon fish feed in the shallows making colorful rainbows when they move on.  Zebra sharks can be found sleeping in the deep sandy areas and mola molas have been sighted on an annual basis when the deep water runs cold.

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