Iboih Dive Centre (IDC) is located in the heart of Iboih village, Teupin Layeu.  We are the only Padi Dive Resort in Iboih.  This is the most popular scuba diving and snorkelling beach destination in Pulau Weh, and the starting off point for the famous Rubiah Island.

Opened in 2013 Iboih Dive Centre uses top quality scuba diving equipment.  All divers and students will dive in style.  IDC stocks a wide range of sizes, ensuring all from junior to senior will get a perfect fit.

A Bauer compressor fills IDC’s 8lt and 12lt aluminium tanks on site with high quality, clean compressed air.  All cylinders are compatible with both international and DIN valve regulators.

Take advantage of the benefits of a wealth of experience gained through more than 20 years of operational and diving experience in this spectacular scuba diving location.

Iboih Dive Centre became a Padi Dive Resort in 2016.

All dive sites are just a short boat trip away from Iboih.  The beautiful scenes of virgin forest covered mountains make each trip even more enjoyable as divers cruise to the dive destination.

All year round diving is possible in Pulau Weh, as dive sites are still open during monsoon season.  Dive operations are only closed briefly for the first 3 days of Ramadan, 3 days for Hari Raya Idul Fitri (Eid), 3 days for Hari Raya Ad’ha (Haji),  Celebration of the Sea (May) and half days for Independence day on the 17th Aug as well as Dec 26th in memory of the Tsunami victims.

Diving activities will be suspended until the burial is completed if there is a death in Iboih.

Every Friday water activities are suspended across the whole of Pulau Weh until 2pm. This is a cultural tradition in order to give thanks and respect to the ocean for providing our communities with a source for livelihood.

Accepted methods of payment are cash Indonesian Rupiah or bank transfer.

Currently all of the BSI ATM facilities in Pulau Weh accept international cards.

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