Padi Diving courses


We will be closed for the first 3 days of Ramadan, also the first 3 days of Hari Raya Eid.

ourse prices include full rental diving equipment and boat travel where applicable.

All Padi diving courses with certification  require a completed medical questionnaire and possibly a doctor’s examination prior to diving.  Please download using the link below and bring the completed form with you to begin your scuba diving training, or complete on arrival to Iboih Dive Centre.

Dive medical form

Padi Diving courses with certification                

Price In Indonesian Rupiah

Approx. duration of course

Padi Open Water Diver


(3-4 days)

Padi Advanced Open Water


(2-3 days)

Padi Single Adventure Dive


(½ day)

Emergency First Response (First Aid & CPR)


(½-1 day)

Padi Rescue Diver


(3-4 days)

Padi Divemaster

12,950,000      4 – 8 weeks

Try Diving Experience (no certification)


(½ day)

Refresher Dive (no certification)


(½ day)

Iboih village now has two ATMs which accept international debit and credit cards.  Currency exchange is possible in Sabang town approximately 45 minutes drive from Iboih.

Accepted methods of payment are cash Euro €, Indonesian Rupiah, credit/debit cards and bank transfer.

Every Friday water activities are suspended across the whole of Pulau Weh until 2pm. This is a cultural tradition in order to give thanks and respect to the ocean for providing our communities with a source for livelihood.

Dive Pulau Weh