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Arrival and departure to and from Pulau Weh is by ferry (passenger or car) from Banda Aceh.  The ferries leave Ulee Lhe harbour in Banda Aceh and arrive in Balohan harbour, Pulau Weh.

Ferry schedules

To be announced…

Banda Aceh can be reached internationally by flights from Penang, Malaysia with Firefly or Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with AirAsia.

Domestic travel is via flights from Jakarta or Medan by Indonesian airlines or by night buses from Medan.

Transport to Iboih Dive Centre (IDC) from Balohan ferry harbour is by taxi, minivan or betjak (motorbike with sidecar).  It is not necessary to make a booking for transport as there are always many vehicles waiting at the harbour to take tourists to the main beach destinations.

Iboih Dive Centre is located in Iboih Village (Teupin Layeu) the heart of the most popular beach destination for diving and snorkelling in Pulau Weh.  Just ask the driver for Iboih and enjoy your scenic drive to IDC through the lush green winding and climbing roads.  The trip takes approximately 45 mins and the price per person is usually 50/60,000 IDR with 3 people or more.


 There is a wide range of accommodation available in Iboih, with something to suit all budgets from basic fan rooms to air conditioned and hot water.

Please also have a look at these rooms by either logging into Air BnB or via booking.comat 

Bookings for these accomodations should be made directly with Air BnB and

Banking& ATMs

Currently the ATM facilities in Iboih Village and Balohan Harbour accept international cards.

Every Friday water activities are suspended across the whole of Pulau Weh until 2pm. This is a cultural tradition in order to respect and give thanks to the ocean for providing our communities with a source for livelihood.

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